WORKSHOP Testimonials

"Yesterday I went to an Herbal Dream Pillow workshop. ...What I didn't expect was the satisfaction I'd get from a virtual sewing circle spent talking and learning about dreams and herbs. It felt so good to make things with my own hands in the company of others. I guess it's been a long time since I've done that. I feel like this is the most 'duh' thing ever. Of course it felt fun to craft with friends and new acquaintances. I enjoy sewing and hanging out with people. However, I've been so wrapped up in my little world: leave the house only for errands, physically 'see' only the family I live with, virtually 'see' some of my close friends or my students and coworkers, text family and friends, and generally live a pretty small life. I didn't realize that I missed this kind of thing until I experienced it. A couple-hours-long opportunity to meet new folks and connect over nerdy dream and plant talk was so surprising and lovely. I guess I've kind of forgotten what it feels like to spend time with new people who are interested in the same things as me."

Ashley S.


"I learned many wonderful ideas/things about bath salts and had FUN!!ย I have wondered about the bath salts I see in shops and now I can make them myself! I like that a little intention goes a long way!ย This history of salts in baths, the use of herbs and the mindfulness and intentions gives more meaning to me."

Aileen N.


"What a wonderful crafting experience it was to learn how to make a real Witch's broom under the expert tutelage of Jess! I treasure the completed 'Turkey Wing' broom she taught us how to make."

Oberon Zell, Wizard & co-founder of the Church of All Worlds


I'm Jessica Erica Hahn, a craftswoman, writer, teacher, and mom to three little girls in Berkeley, California. I teach a variety of workshops (virtual and in-person when possible), and sell handmade jewelry, bath and body products, and brooms.ย I also work in the public school system: I was a Special Education teacher for a decade, and now work in Adult Education. I have a BA in English Literature, an MA in Learning and Instruction, and an MFA in Creative Writing. I started Three Witches in 2018, named in honor for my three daughters. The part of me that created Three Witches is the part that connects you with magic, self-care, wildness, the DIY ethic, and following your intuition.

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