Snakes with Crystals

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These are incredible earrings—bright, shiny, handmade, eye catching, and just beautiful adornments against any neck. Made of solid brass, the snakes with crystal are approximately 3.25 inches long. 

There is something about snakes that evokes a primal reaction in each of us, in part due to a shared world mythology. Historically, the symbol of the snake is one of regeneration as seen through the literal shedding, or sloughing, of its skin, and how continues to live and grow. Some cultures, like the Hopi, believed the snake was a symbol of fertility. To the Egyptians, Aborigines, certain African tribes, ancient Indians, and Chinese, the snake was a being present and fundamental at the beginning of all creation. There is so much more about the mythological history of the snake, so please read into it if it interests you. The snake that I make is made with the intention of creation, whether it is inspired or physical.

Dimensions/Length: 3.24" /Width: 1.75”