Silver and Onyx Goat Head Necklace

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Silver Goat Head

This is a solid STERLING SILVER goat head, forged in small batch casting, hand-hammered and polished. A 6mm round ONYX stone is set on its forehead. Magically, silver is associated with protection, intuition, and psychic ability. Onyx gives strength, both emotional and physical. 

The Norse rune THURISAZ, which is hammered three times on the goat’s forehead, is the rune associated with Thor, who drives a chariot pulled by goats. Thor is one of the most popular Aesir gods, and he is the son of Odin and his mother is Earth. THURISAZ is a force of nature, pure action, power and strength. A “thurs” is a giant, a pre-divine being and force of opposition. Thor will fight fire with fire, and ice with ice. 


Dimensions of the Goat: 3” X 3”

Length of Chain: 20” (10” on each side)

Materials: Goat is 0.925 solid sterling silver with genuine onyx. Chain is stainless steel. Findings are silver-plated brass. 


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