Protection Mist

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I made up this mix to have on hand something that would be equivalent to burning the ingredients of palo santo and sage, but without the literal burn. I wanted to use this when I vended, or on the go, or wherever when it's impractical to burn something. This Protection Mist of palo santo and sage is the result, and combined with lavender essential oil, it is also calming. Made with high quality organic essential oils, alcohol, and distilled water, this Protection Mist can be applied to skin, clothing, and in the air without fear of stain or damage. Almost everyone who has smelled it, loves it--and that is just the smell on its own. The intention in this Protection Mist is to keep you safe, to create a sacred space around you, to cleanse you, and to imbue you with a sense of calm power. 

Each cobalt blue glass bottle is 2 ounces. 

This product is intended for external use only.