Hammered Copper Owl on Moon Pendant
Hammered Copper Owl on Moon Pendant
Hammered Copper Owl on Moon Pendant

Hammered Copper Owl on Moon Pendant

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This copper owl resting on a crescent moon is hand-sawn and hammered, and comes with a 21 inch copper chain (I can also shorten the chain length at no additional cost). This is a MADE TO ORDER item—I will strive to make your jewelry quickly and carefully but please give two weeks leeway for fabrication. 

Owls have a special symbolize all over the world where they have their habitats. According to Deane Lewis in her article, "World Owl Mythology," some cultures view owls as good luck (Samoans, Hawaiian, Incan, and more) and others view it as associated with negative things, perhaps in large part to it being a nocturnal bird. The Celts and old Mexican mythology believed owls were associated with the underworld. In Afghanistan, the Owl has a promethean quality where it gives fire to mortals, and in return mankind gives the owl his feathers; in Borneo, the owl tells secrets to people, and is treated in a similar way as the Greek legendary characters Prometheus and Pandora. There are cultures that associate owls with wizards and witches (several African cultures, Swedish, and more). You can check it out on owlpages.com.

Dimensions/Diameter: 2.5 inches

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Please allow for small variations because of handmade and natural items in any made-to-order listing.

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Materials: Copper

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