Love Cauldron Candle
Love Cauldron Candle

Love Cauldron Candle

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This candle was made with the intention of fostering love and compassion, both for self-love, and romantic love. The candle is made at home, by me, of rosemary, vetiver, orange, lemongrass, geranium, lavender, dragon’s blood resin, rose, heather, and soy wax

Do not burn unattended, and use common sense. The cauldron is made of ceramic, and I encourage you to reuse it (you can also send it back to me for a new candle a 50% discount--email me for details). Blessed be. 

The cauldron with candle weighs a little over a pound, and its height is approximately 7 mm (just under 3"), and its diameter is 9 mm (about 3.5").