Creative Writing: Riding the Rails - April 3rd, 10 am to 12 PM PST

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Woody Guthrie, Jack London and Gypsy Moon all hopped freight trains in search of work or freedom.  We'll use our reading and discussion of passages in their work to prompt our own creativity and then share what we write. Many years ago, I myself hopped freight trains for thousands of miles, and am still processing the experience. 

In this one-time two-hour online creative writing workshop, hosted through the Berkeley Adult School, we'll explore online excerpts of various American writers who hopped freight trains, we'll write our own poetry and prose, and we'll discuss the urge to travel in this way, as well as the aspect of privilege inherent in the process. 

The workshop is held via Zoom on Saturday, April 3rd from 10 am to 12 noon PST. .  Anyone can enroll! The class is $25. Register for the class at

Registration is through the Berkeley Adult School. Please do not register through the Three Witches website. Thanks!