Finally, finally! Online workshops are here! Register through the links provided in the class titles, and gather your supplies. I'll send you a confirmation email with a Zoom link, and a PDF handout. We'll meet at the designated time and make some cool stuff together from the comfort of our own homes. 

Jewelry Making Workshops

Beading Hoops with Chain -- 10/4 -- $35 -- 11 am to 12:30 pm

Feather Earrings -- 10/11 -- $35 -- 11 am to 12:30 pm

Hoop Fabrication & Handmade Earring Wires --10/18--  $50 -- 11 am to 1 pm

Virtual Metal Stamping -- 10/25 -- $50 -- 11 am-1 pm


Creative Writing Workshops 

Creative Writing: Myths & the Modern Writer -- 10/27-12/15 -- $60 -- 7-8:30 pm

Welcome to this workshop that delves into the heart of global myths, to inspire you as both a writer and a reader. We’ll take the resonance of
varied myths as the basis of our own short stories.

Creative Writing: Writers with Wanderlust -- 10/28-12/16 -- $60 -- 7-8:30 pm

Have you ever felt the call to just pick and go? Let’s explore creative writing that focuses on setting, narration, and characters on a journey. We’ll take inspiration from American writers with wanderlust to fuel our drive for crafting poetry and short stories.


Herbal Crafting Workshops

Creative Crafting: Meditation Bath Salts - 11/7/20 - $30 ($20 to register plus $10 for a kit), 10 am - 12 pm

You will learn about natural ingredients and herbal allies. We’ll research the
remedy use and lore of the herbs and explore our personal connection to some so that we craft mixtures with personal meaning. Herbal Kits $10 available from

Creative Crafting: Herbal Dream Pillows - 12/5/20 - $30 ($20 to register plus $10 for a kit) , 10 am-12 pm

You will learn the lore and remedial qualities of some herbs associated with  relaxation, prophetic dreaming, and intuition. We’ll discuss dreams and the importance of personal gnosis in discovering meaning.  Supply your own fabric, thread and needle. Herbal Kits $10 available from 




Nothing scheduled at this time. 



    THE CRYSTAL FAIRSan Francisco, CA--March 2020
     THE 20th ANNUAL EDWARDIAN BALLSan Francisco, CA—January 2020
    THE GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS MARKET, Alameda, CA—December 2019
    THE MENAGERIE ODDITIES MARKET, Alameda, CA—December 2019
    BERKELEY WINTER CRAFTS FAIR, Berkeley, CA—December 2019
    PUNK METAL FLEA MARKET, Oakland, CA—November 2019
    HEXENFEST, Saratoga Springs, CA—September 2019 
    OM RISING, Camp Navarro, CA—August 2019
    MIDSUMMER SCREAM, Long Beach, CA—July 2019 
    LITHA CASCADIA, Red Hawk Avalon, Pe Ell, WA—June 2019
    BLACK FLAME PDX, Portland, OR—April 2019
    ECOLOGY CENTER WINTER CRAFT FAIR, Berkeley, CA — December 2018
    OLD NORSE YULE FESTIVAL, Sacramento, CA—December 2018
    DARK MARKET at Death Guild, Oakland, CA—November 2018
    HEXENFEST, Isis Oasis, Geyserville, CA—September 2018
    THIRST FOR LIGHT, Red Hawk Avalon, Pe Ell, WA—June 2018