The magic in Three Witches Designs occurs in my bedroom studio, kitchen, and backyard in Berkeley. Vending began in the summer of 2018, after I left a career of being a public school teacher. My work comes from my heart, and making spiritual jewelry and tools that are beautiful, functional, and magical is a dream come true. I have started small, but my aspirations include vending around the country. I fabricate my jewelry at home, working on a desk in my bedroom and another in my yard, and I have a few items cast in small batches by two badass women in San Francisco. 

I learned jewelry fabrication with local Bay Area craftsmen, but my inspiration to came early, from my father, uncle, aunt, and grandfather, all welders and DIY craftspeople. My aunt says we “hail from a family of Vulcan metalworkers,” and sure enough, one of our recent ancestors is a Danish blacksmith. I was born on a ship made of metal, a renovated WWII oil tanker that my father bought and refurbished from a mothballed fleet. My first baby steps were taken on metal. 

The name Three Witches first and foremost was chosen in honor of my three daughters. The name also honors the power of a triad, and in particular the three phases of a life as represented by the triple moons (waxing, full, and waning) in witchcraft, symbolizing Maiden, Mother, and Crone

Thank you for visiting. I truly appreciate your support.  

Blessed be! ❤️✨🤘🌙❤️