Three Witches Designs is the name I gave my business when I was vending at small summer festivals on the West Coast in the summer of 2018. Over time it came to be my own little occult shop with all sorts of handmade adornments, bath and body products, and even gently used books and tarot cards. As I evolve with the times, and the quarantine, I've decided to reinvigorate my past career of being a teacher by now teaching adults from the comfort of their home how to craft special objects and self-care products. May the experience you share with me give you a strong sense of positive intention, power, and connection.  

I have a Master's in Education, and a MFA in Creative Writing, and still my favorite way to learn is the old-fashioned way, hands-on, exchanging information, ideas and methods. In this time of a pandemic and its quarantine, I’ll send you a kit and/or a PDF of our class information, and we can meet via Zoom for almost as good of an experience as if we were sitting on either end of a bench--but this time from the convenience of each of our homes. 

You can email me at jericahahn@gmail.com for more information on classes or products, for collaborative ideas, or with testimonials. 


The Name of Three Witches

Three Witches was chosen is in honor of my three young daughters, Zoe, Calliope and Genevieve. The name also honors the architectural strength of a triad; the numerology of the number three; the triple goddess manifested in her life stages as maiden, mother, and crone; and the waxing, full, and waning phases of the moon.