Cobweb Style Broom Workshop - March 28, 2021 at 3-5:30 pm PST

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This workshop is a mix of meditation, lecture, discussion, and hands on work where you make your own cobweb style broom. This style of broom is long and elegant, meant for sweeping cobwebs from the corners of tall ceilings. The broomcorn surrounds the ash handle in a cylindrical shape, and is held fast by nylon twine that is wrapped and woven throughout the stalks.

It's a gorgeous broom, practical in use and magical in look, definitely evocative of the witch's broom, or the besom. With care and gentle use, this broom could last decades. 

I'll share a slideshow on broom history and lore, growing broomcorn, spiritual cleansing, and sharing of resources (books, suppliers, and more).  You'll receive a PDF handout with detailed written instruction on making this kind of broom for future reference too, and access for one month to the video of our meeting. 

Class is held via Zoom on Sunday 3/28/21 from 3 to 5:30 pm PST.  Register no later than March 19th to allow for shipping of your materials! 

For $100, you will get everything you need to make one cobweb style broom (a foot bobbin, twine, ash broomstick, and un-processed un-dyed broomcorn), a Zoom link for the two and a half hour meeting, and a detailed PDF. For $80, you get the same as above MINUS the foot bobbin  (because you've already taken a class with me)


Additional Required Materials for You to Gather Before Class

sharp scissors

a sharp serrated knife (like a bread knife) or a pipe cutter

a cutting board

a pair of pliers (ideally with serrated faces, good for gripping twine)

a lighter (to singe the end of the nylon twine)