Beading Hoops with Chain - Jan. 31st 4-5 pm PST

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Beading Hoops with Chain 
January 31st  |  4-5 pm PST
Materials Required

 In this 1-hour interactive online workshop, you will learn how to create a pair of unique hoop earrings with gemstone beads and short sections of chain that layer, hang, and drape. The earrings are lightweight and infinitely creative.

Register for this class through Blue Door Beads, and if you need any of the materials from the list below, you can order from them, or wherever crafting and jewelry supplies are sold. 

Material and tools required before class:

  • 4 beading hoops

  • 4 earring wires

  • 8 jump rings (at least)

  • 1 chain-nose pliers

  • 1 round-nose pliers

  • 1 flat-nose pliers

  • 1 flush cutter

  • a ruler

  • 40" of yarn or even dental floss works! 

  • 10 headpins (at least)

  • 20” of chain per pair (at least)

  • Beads (you purchase what you like, but I recommend seed beads, 2 gemstone beads, 2 quartz crystal beads)