Silver Mannaz & Triskelion

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This handmade silver ring is imprinted with the rune Mannaz, of the Elder Futhark in the Scandinavian runes. There are also three triple spirals. 


The process of making this including rolling texture onto silver sheet for the band. I believe I used dried corn husk for this wavy pattern. :-) Then I punched a round disc out of sterling silver, stamped it, hammered it, and soldered it to the ring band. Finally the ring was oxidized to deepen the recessed parts, and polished. Expect imperfections, but it should last beyond a lifetime. 


Mannaz is mentioned in all three of the the old Rune Poems (English/Anglo-Saxon from the 8th Century; the Norwegian from the 13th Century; and Icelandic from the 15th Century) From the Icelandic rune poem, we get this translation: "Man = delight of man / and augmentation of the earth / and adorner of ships." To me, this is a rune that symbolizes humankind, and cooperation. 

The triple spiral is an ancient shape first seen in rock carvings, I believe, from many thousands of year ago, in the Neolithic Era, in an Irish grave. This triple spiral is a triskelion, from the Greek meaning "three legs." As with any spiral, its shape evokes movement, and a radiation of energy out from the center. 


Sized 6 on a standard ring mandrel.

If you Google "guide to ring sizes.," a common description is that women's sizes typically between 3 and 10 with an average of 6. Men's sizes are 8 to 10.5. My own fingers sometimes change their shape depending on my diet or other factors, so I believe ring sizes can change.