Brass Spiral

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This is a spiral ring in solid brass, and adjustable for anyone’s finger. It will arrive in a gift box. Sized large, between 7 and 12 on a standard ring mandrel. 

“Energy moves in cycles, circles, spirals, vortexes, whirls, pulsations, waves, and rhythms—rarely if ever in simple straight lines.”          --Starhawk, The Earth Path

Spirals are a sacred symbol, and represent the journey of life, the expansion of consciousness, creation, or a vortex. They are energy and motion.

        Spirals occur in nature, from the Milky Way galaxy to hurricanes, from the crown of a cauliflower to a shell. We have spirals, literally, in the helical shape of our DNA, the growth pattern of our hair, and on the tip of each finger. Mathematically, a spiral is defined as an expanding curve that begins at a point. A logorithmic spiral, often found in nature, is also known as “the marvelous spiral” by mathematicians. The Fibonacci or Golden Spiral is a famous sequence thought to be aesthetically pleasing. 

      Cultures world-wide utilize the spiral in their art. In Mesoamerican culture, the spiral represented both wind and the god Quetzalcoatl. In Iraq, the Great Mosque of Samarra from the 8th century rises nearly two hundred feet. In an Irish tomb from 3,200 BCE, a triple spiral was engraved into a rock. The labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral in France represents an initiatory path to God.  In modern times, the spiral is often associated with the feminine aspect, or the Goddess of witchcraft.  

We are deeply connected to spirals, from our genes to the cosmos we live in.